What We Do

We offer expert livestock consultancy and farmer advice on all areas including:

  • Poultry and other livestock farm operational and strategic issues

  • Feed testing, worming, drenching

  • Poultry nutrition

  • Improving farm productivity and profitability

  • Livestock management

We partner with farmers

We work together with farmers, offering independent livestock advice based on the latest scientific research and industry best practice. We identify opportunities to improve whole farm efficiencies, particularly focusing on the management, health and nutrition of your livestock.

 Trusted. Reliable. Approachable. Expertise.

We aim to become trusted partners with our Livestock farmer clients, offering reliable advice on the strategic management of livestock farms. We take pride in our extensive knowledge of livestock management, and our ability to offer our clients a thorough understanding of the latest scientific and research developments backed by experience in practical on-the-farm technical applications.

 Why should I choose?

  1. Peace of mind: knowing your decisions are backed by expert advice
  2. Understanding: a livestock consultant who takes the time to really know your business including your aims and limitations
  3. Independent: advice based only on what’s best for your farm operations
  4. Industry expertise: on-the-ground experience and scientific analysis
  5. Accessibility & approachability: you can contact AgroVet Lanka anytime

Our Team

We have more than 10 years of experience in the agricultural industry

I’ve worked with producers, pharmaceutical companies, veterinarians, providing expert advice in all areas of livestock management and nutrition. My particular strengths are commercial Poultry management and Nutrition, livestock production systems in both high and low rainfall zones, (including animal health and management), and ruminant nutrition and fodder conservation.